New Year resolutions have become a fad. They really put a lot of pressure on people. The truth is that more people fail to stay committed and very few actually overcome the challenges that are inevitable. Not many will have a New Year resolution like that of Mark Zuckerberg who wants to build an artificial intelligence butler like Jarvis, the one Iron Man has. Most New Year resolutions pertain to health, lifestyle, work, education, relationships and personal attributes or skills.

Mobile Apps That Support New Year’s Goals

Before you fail to follow through on your resolutions this year, you must know that there are some mobile apps that can help you to succeed.

Learning is a never ending process. You can never know enough. No matter how high you have climbed up the corporate ladder or how many degrees you have, there is still something that you may not know or want to know. It could be in your niche or a completely new domain. You can use apps like Curiosity to learn new things. Explore videos on fascinating subjects, check out info-graphics or facts that can enlighten you and you can remain updated about every relevant development around you.

You may be looking for a new job. It could be your first or your tenth. Don’t keep ransacking the endless classifieds and avoid taking the old school routes to secure an interview. Companies have launched recruitment apps which have their own job portals. Major job-portals or classifieds now have personable apps and there are staffing agencies or headhunters who can be reached using apps. Use such apps to have real time access and you are surely going to land a job sooner.

Being organized, punctual and agile are very common New Year resolutions. They are good from the perspective of your lifestyle and they are necessary from the professional perspective. You can easily get organized using a horde of apps. There are many apps which are basically your virtual assistant. You would get task managers, calendar, social networks, notes, financial tools and more. From getting reminder about due dates to getting things done in a preset timeframe, there is so much you can do to be more organized. This will naturally have an impact on your punctuality. Apps like 24me will help you to stay ahead of things and you can be on time at work, for a social gathering or when you get home.

Is Landing a New Job Part of Your 2016 Forecast?

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