After sending out multiple resumes and pursuing leads, you finally landed that coveted interview. You arrived early, dressed appropriately for the company’s atmosphere, looked everybody in the eye, and answered all of their questions to the best of your ability while showcasing your skills. Time to sit back, wait, and hope, right?

Not quite.

While you may have made it to the “finals,” you also want to stay foremost in a potential employer’s mind in a positive way. A simple trick to this is to follow up with a tried-and-true method: a thank-you note. It doesn’t have to be hand-written, although in this day and age, considering the rarity of them, it may make you stand out. No matter whether you email or hand write, a timely and well-written thank you and expression of interest in the position can never hurt. Here are some tips on writing a solid interview follow-up.

Step 1: Do it as soon as possible after the interview.
If you really want to be on top of things. have a hand-written note with you that you’ve written an introduction to. Once the interview is over, finish it in the car (or somewhere private) and then drop it off at the reception desk. If that’s not possible or you don’t have handy stationery–and do use a notecard of some kind, not regular paper–get it written within two business days at the most.  If you email, send it that same day. If possible, get business cards from your interviewers or look them up to make sure all names are spelled correctly. If you had an interview with multiple people, yes, you should send multiple notes, not a group note to all.

Step 2: Structure it carefully to include gratitude, promote your candidacy and qualifications, and add anything you may have forgotten during the interview.
You want to start by simply thanking the interviewer for taking the time and meeting with you about the position. Restate your interest in the job itself and the company, mentioning a few of your skills that make you the perfect fit. Take the time here to add anything you may have forgotten to say during the interview and add any additional information the interviewer may have asked for. Finish by thanking them again and stating that you look forward to hearing from them soon. If the interviewer said he would get back to you within a certain time, it’s acceptable to acknowledge that in your letter.

Step 3: Simplify and proofread.
Keep your letter short and to the point. This isn’t the time to rewrite your original cover letter or restate everything you said in the interview; this is a thank-you and a quick reminder of why they should hire you. Look over everything before sending it: Have you included everything from Step 2? Is everything spelled correctly? Is the tone grateful (but not desperate) and confident?

A prompt, thoughtful follow-up letter can show an interviewer one more time that you’re the right choice. This small step can yield a big response.

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