Look around your workplace for a moment. Do you see bright smiling faces or do you see employees looking a bit stressed out and downtrodden? It’s easy for employees to become overworked, overwhelmed, and just plain stressed to the maximum. In fact, working too much seems like the norm. According to Gallup poll, nearly 50% of Americans said on average they work more than 40 hours per week –which is too much time spent in the office.

The problem is when employees get to this point, they are no longer being productive and instead may be tearing your company down from the inside out.

How can you spot these stressed out and overwhelmed employees, and then what can you do?

Encourage employees to take time off for life’s other priorities.

Managers have the power to set a good example for all employees by taking time off for other life pursuits. Family, health, and emotional well-being are all more important than work.

Give employees flexible work hours and the option to telecommute.

If you want to provide a better work environment for your employees so they can stop being so overwhelmed and burnt out, try offering a more flexible schedule. When jobs and tasks allow, let employees work from home some days too.

Hire temporary employees to cover peak production cycles and busy seasons.

No employee deserves being overwhelmed and overworked, even if the business is hitting a peak. Instead, bring in temp workers to handle overflow and routine administrative tasks so your other employees can focus on using their talents in a reasonable schedule.

Help employees to develop good work habits, including time management.

Education can go a long way towards reducing the needless overwhelm and stress of any workplace. Talk to employee’s about ways to manage their time and give them the tools to do so.

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