The job market is tough these days. Most job seekers will sit through many interviews before receiving a job offer. If you want to get off of the unemployed list – let alone land your dream job – you’re going to need to stand out from the competition. As one of the leading staffing and temp agencies in Lancaster, PA, we know what local businesses are looking for. What does it take to develop that “wow factor” that your competitors are lacking?

Build Your Online Brand

Online marketing isn’t just for businesses. It’s basically a guarantee that hiring managers are going to Google your name if they are interested in you. What will be the first thing they see? Let’s assume for a minute that there are no embarrassing pictures of you floating around out there. It takes more than a clean past to build a solid business reputation. Hiring managers are looking to see what value you will add to their company. What skills and experience do you have? Are there examples of your work available online, or references to your achievements at a previous job? Blogs and online portfolios are important ways to showcase your talents, something that your competitors have probably failed to do.

Do Your Research

In a roomful of candidates, make yourself stand out by being the one who knows the history and values of the company you are interviewing at. Most candidates spend too much time reviewing their responses to standard interview questions and not enough time thinking about how to say something genuinely insightful. If you can display an intimate knowledge of the company’s projects and achievements, it will prove you take the job seriously.

Get Personal

If you know who will be conducting your interview, you can do a little investigating of your own. Just like you, they probably have some professional information that is available online, which could open the door for you to complement them on some past work achievement. As long as you keep the tone professional, it won’t come off as intrusive; after all, it’s perfectly reasonable to want to look into your potential coworkers. Just be sure not to stray into personal or family information.

Know How to Take Charge

Too many job seekers take a passive role in the hiring process, especially in the interview. Interviews are a two-way street; you have as much right to be asking questions as the hiring manager does. Asking bold, insightful questions proves that you will be more than just a warm body taking up space.

If you’re ready to get some leads on the best jobs available in your area, we’d like to help. We specialize in finding part-time, full-time, and temporary job placements for workers in every industry. Contact us today to find out what jobs might be right for you.

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